Transported safely, dog walking in Billinge and St Helens

We will collect from your home for dog walking in Billinge, Haydock or throughout St Helens area. We have a secure and ventilated van, equipped with clean fitted crates for the safety and best interest for your dog. The crates will be disinfected and cleaned after every use and clean bedding will be changed to provide the comfort your dog deserves.

We also collect form home for dog grooming in Billinge & St Helens area.


Fresh water will also be provided for your dog during and after their walks, we will also carry towels so your dog can be dried after those wet muddy walks stopping them taking their muddy paw prints home with them,  or you can take advantage of the Bath and Blow dry.

Crates are fitted into the rear of the van to keep dogs separate and safe while being transported .The Crates have rear and side exits in case we have to get your dog out in an emergency.

We are fully Insured to carry animals  in the vehichle.